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      Mediation in Indiana is nothing new. For many years now, most federal and state courts in Indiana have required the parties to participate in mediation before they can proceed to trial. Even when mediation isn't required by the court, the parties often voluntarily agree to participate in mediation in order to reach a settlement. If you're an experienced trial lawyer, you likely have already participated in numerous mediations.

      But how many times have you participated in a mediation where the mediator lacks subject-matter expertise related to your case, resulting in either the mediator's failure to grasp complicated facts and issues or an unnecessarily long mediation caused by the need to educate the mediator on those facts and issues? When you do find a mediator with substantive knowledge relating to the issues in your case, how often is that person practicing law (or has practiced in the past) in a law firm with one or more conflicts of interest?

      As a registered Indiana mediator since 1998 and a litigator with many years of experience in employment cases, commercial cases, product liability cases, environmental cases, and other cases involving complicated scientific, medical, and legal issues, Bob Stommel can help you avoid those problems. In addition to providing substantive knowledge to make your mediation more productive, he can offer some benefits that you may not find with other mediators:

  • More than 30 years experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation and administrative proceedings

  • Very few conflicts of interest

  • Flexible schedule

  • Short-notice availability

  • Available to conduct mediations anywhere in the state

  • No charge for travel time within Marion County or to any of the contiguous counties

      If you find yourself in need of a mediator who can quickly identify and understand the key legal and factual issues that often arise in technical or complex cases, please give us a call.

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